Updating Your Resume and Online Presence

I wrote the previous post titled Job Hunting on Sept 21 and scheduled it to be published Sept 27. Ironically, I was laid off in the interim :) So as I get back into the job hunt (or job killing, as I said in the post), I plan to post some tips on making your hunt successful.

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Job Hunting

There’s a Chuck Norris joke that goes, “Chuck Norris doesn’t go hunting because hunting implies failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.” I thought about titling this post “Job Killing” but that sounds terrible, so I stuck with “Job Hunting”. This post is going to be short, more like an outline of a post, but I hope it’s helpful and leads you to better places.

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Fix Inconsistent JS Selenium Tests with element.isEnabled()

I’ve been writing automated regression tests at work over the past month, using Jest and Selenium WebDriver, and have really been struggling to get my tests to pass consistently. I began to suspect that methods like wait(until.elementIsVisible... and wait(until.elementTextIs... did not actually do what I expected since I was getting so many inconsistent failures. I began searching for a way to determine if an element is clickable with Selenium WebDriverJS. This is possible in other languages (I think Python and Java at least), but it’s not available for JavaScript. But it turns out you can make it work. Continue reading

Flask Mega-Tutorial: Converting OpenID to OAuth

With this blog post I hope to provide some help to those who are trying to combine Miguel Grinberg’s Flask Mega Tutorial with his other tutorial titled OAuth Authentication with Flask.  I have a repo that has a working version of his Mega Tutorial through chapter 5 that uses OAuth instead of OpenID.  You can find it here https://github.com/JasonMFry/Flask-Mega-Tutorial-With-OAuth  Continue reading

The ‘F’ Word: Failure

Looking back at my 3+ months in class at General Assembly, I did a lot of good work, I learned a ton about myself, about developing, about how to learn efficiently, I made good friends, and I networked my butt off.  But I also had some significant failures, which I’ll discuss in a future post.  But for now I want to talk about failure, and how to fail well.

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My Fullstack Project with General Assembly

Once we finished our first project, we were immediately launched into learning the backend.  Since I had experience with JavaScript, functions, objects, and OOP, the frontend unit was a bit easier for me, but learning backend proved to be more difficult.  We moved at a furious pace (as always), and covered MongoDB, Express, and Node.js (they saved Angular for it’s own unit, Unit 3, which we’re currently in), passport, handlebars, and more in 2 short weeks.  Week 3 was project week.

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My Frontend Project with General Assembly

Connect Four or Blackjack

After 3 short weeks of frontend (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery), our instructors decided we were ready to strike out on our own and create something from scratch.  How kind of them :)  We had the choice between creating blackjack or connect four, and I chose connect four, mainly because I had already created a blackjack game and felt it would be dishonest to do that again. Continue reading