My Fullstack Project with General Assembly

Once we finished our first project, we were immediately launched into learning the backend.  Since I had experience with JavaScript, functions, objects, and OOP, the frontend unit was a bit easier for me, but learning backend proved to be more difficult.  We moved at a furious pace (as always), and covered MongoDB, Express, and Node.js (they saved Angular for it’s own unit, Unit 3, which we’re currently in), passport, handlebars, and more in 2 short weeks.  Week 3 was project week.

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My Frontend Project with General Assembly

Connect Four or Blackjack

After 3 short weeks of frontend (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery), our instructors decided we were ready to strike out on our own and create something from scratch.  How kind of them :)  We had the choice between creating blackjack or connect four, and I chose connect four, mainly because I had already created a blackjack game and felt it would be dishonest to do that again. Continue reading

Choosing a Coding Bootcamp

As I mentioned in my previous post, in July when I decided I wanted to attend a coding bootcamp, I got into “Research Mode.”  I found Course Report, which helped a lot, but their information is not as complete as I would have liked.  For instance, I wanted to find fully immersive web developer bootcamps online, but you can’t search for fully immersive, so I had to weed through a lot of non-immersive courses.  That’s about the only complaint I have with Course Report, otherwise they are an excellent resource and I suggest you use them in your search for a coding bootcamp. Continue reading

Changing Careers

60wpm at 9 Years Old

My first experience with a computer was the family computer in the late 80s.  We had Reader Rabbit, and some other educational games.  Boy were those fun!  But the best part of all was that, when I got grounded for my numerous shenanigans, I was still allowed on the computer because it was just an educational machine for us.  And that’s why I could, at the ripe old age of 9, type at 60wpm.  You see, my mom still had her old typewriting books from high school, so I spent hours teaching myself to type because there was nothing else to do: couldn’t go outside, couldn’t play Nintendo, couldn’t watch TV…ugh!  But what a blessing in disguise :) Continue reading

Project Euler 13

This one was a bit confusing.  The wording of the problem is, “Work out the first ten digits of the sum of the following one-hundred 50-digit numbers.”  I assumed that they wanted the ones place through the billionths place, but they wanted the first ten digits starting from the left side of the number. Continue reading

Project Euler 14

I haven’t written any code in almost 2 weeks, but I did read a few pages of Eloquent Javascript (I highly recommend it, along with Javascript: The Good Parts).  I started Euler 14 on 7/30, felt a bit overwhelmed, wrote a rough sketch, and left it.  I felt inspired tonight (read: nothing else to do) so I revisited the problem.   Continue reading